About – Vivid Creative Marketing Agency

Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Vivid Creative. A collaborative of designers, strategists, developers, and writers.

Founded in 2009 by Marcia Degnan, Vivid Creative began as Marcia Anne Designs, a graphic design and website development company. Over the years, the needs of the clients as well as the development of an expert team evolved the company into a full service branding agency. Vivid Creative is a collaborative of brand strategists, designers, developers, illustrators, digital strategists and copywriters.


We believe that the definition of a brand has been misunderstood. Brands are not simply graphics, logos and websites. Our culture requires that the brands they engage with stand for something, develop a relationship with their consumers, provide solutions to life’s challenges, and make a positive impact in society. Brands are expected to be living, breathing and evolving with the culture.
We at Vivid Creative are determined to encourage, educate and inspire clients not only to identify their brand but also to live their brand. We will work as a team to collaborate, being honest and encouraging with our communication, creating an atmosphere of authenticity and trust. We will make purposeful designs and develop intentional strategies that will propel our clients forward and help them engage their audience through a personalized Brand Experience.


Authentic : Our designs are original. They are authentic and relate to the brand we are creating them for.
Education : We will stay up to date on best practices, trends, and design standards. We will continue learning and improving our skills. We will educate our clients, walking them through the process and empowering them to live their brand.
Innovation : It is important to us that we stay above the trends and develop brands that will stand the test of time. Our work is personalized for each client and an innovative approach for their specific goals.
Integrity : We promise to treat each client with respect. We hold ourselves to a high standard of work, customer service and professionalism.
Purposeful : We create each brand with a purpose. Everything we do has a strategic goal behind it.
Collaboration : Our team is our strength. We rely on each other for constructive feedback and trust each other to give our best work 100% of the time. We work together to make our designs stronger.
Honest Communication : We communicate with all stakeholders and our team members from the get go. Everything about our process, the costs, what they can expect and when they can expect it will be communicated up front.

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