Branding – Vivid Creative Marketing Agency

Branding is the heart of your business.

Your passion for your brand’s mission is what makes you unique and sets you apart from other businesses. At Vivid, we help you channel that passion to create a purposeful strategy that is designed to drive sales and establish brand loyalty.

Our five step approach to the branding process:


We begin the branding process by performing a SWOT Analysis of your current brand designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses and capture your brand’s external opportunities and challenges. We simultaneously conduct a Visual Identity Analysis that will take a deep dive into your brand’s logos, colors, typography, look, feel, and imagery. Fully understanding your current brand provides us with the foundation from which to build a strong, effective and cohesive brand experience.


Next, we host in-person brand development sessions designed to take a detailed look at your services and offerings, and begin to shape your current and potential client perception. Also during the Research phase we organize Stakeholder Focus Groups and construct an easy-to-understand Findings Report. Behind the scenes, we’ll be reviewing market trends and doing an analysis of your audience and your competitors. Throughout each step, but most notably during Research, we will investigate and advise on industry standards and best practices.


Strategy – the most creative of all five steps, and where our team really shines. We will lead a Brand Positioning Statement Development by determining your brand’s promise and story. In addition to Brainstorming Brand Experience Opportunities, we’ll help you uncover your brand’s personality through brand feel words and color profile. Our segmentation strategy will clearly define the layers of your target audience and determine where they are most engaged during their customer journey. This brand exploration will allow us to create a well-defined Brand Roadmap that will continue to inform your brand’s values, voice and tone.


At this stage, our team takes what we have identified in the previous three phases and builds your comprehensive brand. We will help you explore a Vision Board, develop a logo, tagline, even a color palette. To ensure consistency across all channels, including collateral pieces and packaging, we outline a thorough Visual Identity Guide and Brand Messaging Style Guide.


Now that we’ve established your brand, we construct a Brand Launch Strategy that will effectively and efficiently introduce the brand to your consumers and internal team. Throughout this “listening” stage we will continually gather feedback from your team and stakeholders and use all available data to identify additional brand opportunities.

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