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When did the fire die? 5 tips to regain your passion for your small business.
November 7, 2016
The Role of Design within a Brand
April 13, 2017
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Happy New Year from Vivid Creative!

Book your Brand Workshop and get $100!

When you book your brand workshop this month you will receive $100 as our gift to you!

We are so excited about what this year holds. We are launching our new Brand Workshops and to celebrate we are giving away $100* to every business that books their workshop with us this month!

We developed Brand workshops as a way to simplify the branding process and in turn make it more effective. 

We have found that the more involved you can be in the process, the stronger the brand is in the end.

A brand is a living breathing entity with dimension and personality. We can give it a name, a face, something to wear and a voice but you give your brand it’s heart and it’s purpose. You determine why your brand looks and acts the way it does, the driving force behind decisions, etc.



So, what does a brand workshops look like?

In each brand workshop we follow our process of research and discovery, concept and creative direction, design, development, and launch.



We hold an in-person branding session that works through the various pieces of the company from the target audience, to the history, to the competitors, etc. We then present a brand positioning statement and a concept for the direction of the design for you to approve. Once approved, we begin the designing process. We work off of the information gathered in the discovery phase as well as the concept approved in the second phase. Once the designs are complete we bring them to you for review. The concepts are narrowed down to one logo and color palette that is then incorporated into the development phase. We process all of the necessary logo files, and deliver everything to you electronically. We also help make recommendations on how to announce the new look and feel to your audience.

This intimate process allows us to hit the mark the first time saving you time and money. We are able to communicate your passion and knowledge for your business and your industry into the design through the time spent within each phase. This process has proven effective for both new brands as well as current brands updating their look and feel.

To celebrate the new workshops we are giving away a $100 for every business that books their packages this month!

Are you ready to build your brand?

Click here to book your branding workshop package and receive a $100.

For more information on branding and marketing contact us at 703.477.3981 or email us at Hello@MadebyVivid.com.

*Reward given after signed contract is received.

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