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At Vivid, we believe marketing can be more than Facebook ads. We develop marketing strategies and creative campaigns that build and nurture relationships. Each piece is designed to resonate with your target audience throughout their consumer experience.

Our five step approach to the marketing process:


To lay a strong foundation for your future marketing strategy, we start by performing a Marketing SWOT Analysis and spend time evaluating your current and past marketing campaigns. We also review your current analytics.


We then research the desired target audiences’ location and behavior and take a detailed look at competitor activity. Another key part of this phase is investigating industry trends and standards to ensure tactics remain relevant to the marketplace. We explore untapped outlet opportunities and also provide in-depth keyword research.


With our findings from the Assessment and Research phases we develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan customized to reach your goals. This strategic plan can include digital marketing, website marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keyword creation and content campaigns. Examples of this include recommended collateral per initiative, suggested communication platforms, budget proposals and outlining KPIs. Through our extensive Marketing Roadmap clients can see how these moving parts strategically reinforce and support one another over a period of time.


During this implementation phase, we create marketing campaigns set up for success. We develop and design a personalized Media Kit, Content Calendar, digital/print marketing collateral and advertisements. We also offer management services for a variety of platforms, including social media, Google AdWords campaigns and Google Marketing and Retargeting campaigns. Our extensive knowledge of marketing plan implementation, media placement and advertisement management provides you with the manpower you need to execute.


At Vivid Creative we never stop gathering data or analyzing numbers – it’s an ongoing process. In this phase, we use reporting and metrics to inform our next steps and understand our digital audience engagement. Monthly Reports include analytics, ad results, social media impressions and more. After reviewing the reports, we can choose to revisit strategy and possibly fine-tune the campaigns. Our ability to be fluid and flexible is a characteristic that sets our marketing services apart.

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