What is UX and Why is it Important?


By Earl Varona, Web Developer at Vivid Creative

As web technology evolves into a more complicated system and websites become a necessity, tech companies and businesses are searching for ways to stand out from their competition. The idea of beautifully designed websites is no longer sufficient in creating a long-lasting and unique product. The website’s usability, accessibility, and effectiveness are quickly becoming the centerpiece of the design process. This process is called User Experience Design.


User experience (or UX) is how the person (or user) feels when interacting with pretty much, anything. In web technology, UX is the feeling we get when we browse a website, fill out a signup form, or shop online. This feeling could either be positive or negative and intentional or accidental, but either way, we get some kind of experience from these interactions. The UX design process sets the tone to intentionally use elements and strategy to bring positive experiences.


A UX designer is a person who specializes in the development of user-centered web applications or design to improve the user’s experience when interacting with a particular digital product like a website. The designer often uses psychology, empathy, and research to understand the website’s targeted user so he/she can implement proper design elements, content strategy, and functionalities. The UX designer plays a huge role in designing the solution that the website is intended to solve.


While a beautifully designed website can be very appealing to the eyes of the user, a user-centered website can be very useful to the user. It focuses the design towards the user’s likely behavior to enhance interaction and optimize usability. Large tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon understood the value of user-centered designs and applied this strategy into their process when developing web applications to improve their user retention. Adding this process improves the web application’s simplicity and effectiveness in delivering the intended message because every element has a purpose.

The user experience design process is one of the most essential processes in web application development.  This allows designer to not only understand their targeted user, but it also allows them to develop a more effective website. As technology develops, the need for this process will only increase and will soon become the standard in not just web application development, but with any development that involves human interaction.

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